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Cantina Nalles-Magrč

Wine - Culture - Landscape

In 1985 the Nalles Winery (founded in 1932) and Magrč-Niclara Winery (founded in 1954) formed a fruitful union that combines the most beautiful vineyards on South Tyrol’s Wine Road.

Today the Cantina Produttori Nalles-Magrč has 140 members, covering a total of 150 hectares. Indigenous, innovative and authentic: The Cantina Produttori Nalles-Magrč is true to its roots, yet open to innovative technologies that improve the quality of its wines.

Protected by the Alps in the north and blessed by Mediterranean influences from the south, a broad spectrum of exquisite grape varieties flourishes in the vineyards of the Nalles-Magrč Winery. Finding the ideal position for each grape variety is the best qualification for producing wines of the highest quality.